Ella L-Shape Outswing Door Transfer Walk-In Tubs

Transfer26 Walk-In Tub

26″W x 52″L

Transfer30 Walk-In Tub

30″W x 52″L

Transfer32 Walk-In Tub

32″W x 52″L

Transfer60 Walk-In Tub

30″W x 60″L

TransferXXXL Walk-In Tub

36″W x 55″L

Most Popular Therapeutic Massage Options:

• Air + Hydro
• Hydro + Hydro/Independent Foot Massage
• Hydro + Microbubble Therapy

The Hydro and Air package amplifies your experience by giving dual therapeutic relief. The Hydro Massage System includes a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, strategically positioned hydro jets for targeted messaging, and an intensity dial air control to adjust the strength of the water pressure to your liking. The Air Massage System, which includes an air pump with a 3-speed variable push control, targets air jets to enhance your massage. It also comes with an auto-purge to maintain an air system free of any build ups.

America’s Best has worked with these partners over the years to help establish a service to the southeastern region of the United States: Premier Care In Bathing, American Walk-in Tubs, American Standard, Walk-in Tub Depot, Freedom Bathing, Superior Living Products, Independent Living USA, Medi Tub, Access Tubs, Seabridge Bathing, Bliss, and Ellas Bubbles, among others.

Do You Experience Trouble Getting In and Out of Your Current Bathtub?

If getting in and out of the bathtub has become a concern for you or your loved one,
you will love the independence that a walk-in tub can provide!

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